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2 stupid dogs shaking animation

This one is just for fun here.

As a fan of Hannah-Barbera Productions, my time as a teenager was filled of laughingly moments watching Cartoon Network.

At a young age already, I was guessing what could it be in the future to see these characters in 3D and was keen to start a long procedure of learning by doing, polishing perseverance in life until I can realize one of my biggest dream, animate the 2 main characters of this epic cartoon serie.

25 years later, while making my path as a successful art director and 3D specialist in Berlin, I decided to make this small dream come true and here are a few static images rendered this week about this project for my master degree at the academy for IT and graphic design.

You can see how I designed the characters using the new hair system in #Blender 3.6.5, then adding a scene, shaping subdivisions surfaces, to finally rigg both characters and make little dog dance, and bring big dog to shake while the wall of bricks in the back animates with geometry nodes.

Cartooning is not my strongest skills but this one definitely is one of my favorite rigging of character so far.