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Futuristic concept of a cosmetic round box with ring light

πŸš€ Excited to share my latest #Blender #creation with you all! A #vision and deep dive in the world of eternal and futuristic #cosmetics.

Presenting "Jouvence Cream": 🌟 where the magic unfold as the #Nivea cream box reveals a secret mirror with a ring light hidden in the upper cover of this box.

πŸͺžβœ¨ The scene now received 30 pink diamonds gracefully cascading from the sky, adding that extra touch of dynamism.

πŸŽ₯ Check out the full video tutorial soon here to see my creativity and craftsmanship in action!

πŸ”ŠMusic composition is generated with#Soundful #AI and added post-processing of the video.

#BlenderArt #3DRendering #Innovation πŸ’‘